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The Membership of "The Travel Agents Federation of India is open to all persons who agree with the aims and objects of "The Travel Agents Federation of India (hereinafter referred as "the said Federation"). They shall have to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the said Federation.

I. Members of the Federation shall be classified into the following categories with or without voting rights in the manner     prescribed by these rules and regulations.
  1. Chartered Members
  2. Active Members
  3. Allied Members
  4. Associate Members
  5. Affiliate Members
  6. Overseas Allied Members
  7. Government Representatives
  8. Honorary Members

Members shall be issued a maximum of two representative cards each. Such cards shall entitle the within mentioned, depicted holder to attend meetings and entitled to and vote therein. However, only one person per member shall be permitted to vote at such meetings. Cards shall be issued to Directors, Proprietors and Partners only and solely at the discretion of the Managing Committee to Senior Executives of a member. If a card is lost or misplaced, another card shall be issued for a fee as determined by the Managing Committee of the Federation. No person shall be allowed to attend a meeting or to vote without a valid membership card.

  1. Every application for membership of the Federation for any category, shall be made in writing by such Individual, Firm, Association or Limited Company in such form and shall contain such particulars as may be prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time.
  2. Every such application for membership shall be proposed by one Chartered or Active member, not being a member of the Managing Committee / Chapter Committee, and seconded by another Chartered or Active member, not being a member of the Managing Committee / Chapter Committee.
  3. All applications for membership of the Federation wherein a Chapter exists shall be routed through the Chapter Committee of the Chapter along with their recommendations.
  4. The Managing Committee shall be at liberty to decide the procedure for inducting an individual, firm Association or company as a member to the said Federation.
  5. The Managing Committee's decision regarding admission of a member shall be final and the Managing Committee may or may not assign any reason for rejecting an application.

  1. The amount of entrance fee and subscription fee shall be paid by every paying member in advance for 1 year and shall be as follows in INR plus taxes thereon as applicable:

    NEW MEMBERS FEES (effective 1st July-2016)
    1. Active 6050 4389 605 242 242 440 2154 14122
    2. Allied 6050 2497 - 242 242 440 1705 11176
    3. Associate 6050 2497 605 242 242 440 1814 11890
    4. Affiliate 6050 2497 - 242 242 440 1705 11176
    5. Overseas
    6050 3102 - 242 242 440 1814 11890
    All payments should be made by a bank draft drawn on a Mumbai Bank in favour of Travel Agents Federation of India and must accompany the application.
  • Application form fully filled in block letters with signatures and company seal.
  • Signature of two bonafide TAFI Active Members from the same chapter as proposer and seconder.
  • Xerox copy of IATA Certificate for Active / Associate membership.
  • Audited Financial documents available for the last 2 years e.g. I.T. Returns, Balance Sheet, P & L statement.. Memorandum of Article of the company if applicable.
  • Approval from the Local Govt. Body e.g. License under Shops & Establishment Act Etc.
  • Applicable Fees payable by D/D or cheque payable on par in Mumbai in favour of 'Travel Agents Federation of India'.
  • Colour photographs of two of your Partners/Directors/Sr. Managers with names printed behind the photographs for the issuance of TAFI Id cards. Size of the photograph should be 25mm x 35mm.
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